Creating Your Home Spa

Taking time to relax promotes health and can help undo the harmful effect of stress. We know exercise and eating healthy food are good for us, but so is relaxation, as it provides the body time to repair, heal and rejuvenate. Relaxation also provides you with the opportunity to connect with yourself, hear your own thoughts better, restore you creativity and maybe even find eureka. You can turn your bathroom into your own personal home spa area to promote relaxation. Water is part of your home spa treatment. It can help wash away the stress and cares of the day. While you are in the shower, water molecule bonds are being split apart, thus releasing beneficial negative ions. Abundant negative ions are found at waterfalls, by large bodies of water, steam showers, mountains and heavily forested areas. They promote health by allowing our body to use oxygen more effectively, repair damaged cells and improve immunity.

Baths also use water therapy. The water running which fills the tub produces beneficial negative ions. Soaking in the the warm water of your bath tub causes your body temp to rise which increases your immunity. Bath salts pull toxins out of the body, while the skin absorbs the healing minerals found in the salts. Bath salt can be Epson salts which contain 2 minerals, Dead Sea salt which contain 21 minerals or the salt from the Himalayan mountain region which contain 84 minerals.  all of these bath salts pull out toxins and provide healing minerals for your body. Add a few drops of an essential oil such as lavender into the bath water, dim the lights and bathe by candle light to add to the relaxation experience. For the spa experience float a few flower petals on the water. If you don’t have a soaker tub, then consider adding a bath pillow or just roll up a towel for use pillow for your head. You can also lather up with soaps made of natural ingredients that are beautifully scented with essential oils. Further the serenity of your experience by listening to peaceful music or just have silence. A soft and absorbent bath robe and comfy slippers will help to nurture your body and your senses. After a mineral bath it is recommended to hydrate yourself by drinking pure water and then to relax for a full 20-30 minutes.

Other home spa treatments include using home recipes of natural ingredients for various facials treatments and deep hair conditioning. There are now natural shampoos and conditioners that you can use to reduce the chemical load we are often exposed to.  One of my favorite brands is the Koji with tea tree.  Tea tree is an essential oil that is known to kill eyebrow mites, which can burrow into the hair follicle on your head and cause hair loss.  Using a shampoo such as the Koji Tea Tree can help promote a healthy scalp.   You can give yourself a lovely manicure and pedicure complete with a nice foot soak and nurturing lotion. A super nice lotion is Bee by the Sea.  It is made with honey and sea buckthorn oil.  I love it because it soaks into my skin so nice and it never feels greasy.  If you have cracked heels, all natural foot butters such as the one by the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. work by providing healing vitamins and nutrients which are absorbed through the skin.   I have found that they work best when applied and then covered with cotton socks.  Healing water, aromatherapy, gentle music, candlelight and relaxation all contribute to your health in a positive way.  What a great way to awaken the beauty of living!

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